The Premier of Cohesion the Play

My first solo written full-length play Cohesion will be getting its first staged reading on Oct 11th.

Cohesion, about two people who are perhaps maybe perfect for each other, but who can't get out of their own ways long enough to make it work. They fall back on wit to mask insecurities, sex to distract from hard subjects, and make impulsive mistakes to hide from vulnerability. Basically they make a total mess of things


I was Interviewed on a Podcast!

I got to chat about success with David Andrew Laws and Megan Greener of Dress for the Podcast you want about my idea of success and how my life is not what 12 year old me expected (shocker), it’s sorta even better. (Bigger shocker!) How cool was I that I knew the power of a vision board before vision boards were a thing?!

The episode is available now at


Produced Across the Pond

If you’re attending the Bath Fringe, go check out Fake Escapes and 20:20 Vision’s new writing festival Famous last words.

My first ever solo one-act play, Good People are Always so Sure They’re Right will be featured.


The Beautiful Work Challenge: On Birth

A new podcast by catalysta that helped write and produce is out now in three parts!

Earth was born of gas and dust 4.5 billion years ago – more or less. Humans made the scene 4.4998 billion years later, that’s about 200,000 years back. We’ve celebrated annual harvests some 12,000 times, started writing around 3,000 BC, got wired in 1879. A lot’s gone down in a short time – things were bound to go topsy-turvy.

Now’s the time to correct course, to align to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. There’s no road map, but there are plenty of promising paths. catalysta is all about promising paths.


In Their Footsteps for Judy Jenkins Guadino

Infinite Variety productions is always honored to tell Judy’s and that of four other women who served in Vietnam. It was such a welcoming experience performing her story in an even that honored her at Hamilton Stage in Union County.



I have two new plays and whole new cast of friends joining me for the first Love Drunk of the year. March 31st at the Drama League, 11:30 am. Snacks and unlimited mimosas included!



So thrilled to be participating in the new playwriting competition, Pilots, for first-generation American playwrights at Town Stages.

Come join us every Wednesday for the next four weeks and vote for your favorite playwright!

Pilots Flyer.jpg

The C Word: Produced by Little Fish Theatre

Little Fish Theare’s Pick of the Vine is a annual showcase of new writing of short plays. On until February 3rd.

The C Wordby Niki Hatzidis, directed by James Rice, features a low-keyed Rachel Levy as a woman contemplating her mortality in the random company of a man, (Ryan Knight), who is hard pressed to respond.